It has been a privilege to serve such incredible people. We value each and every one of our clients, along with the relationships we have formed, and the continued business and provided referrals. Thank you.
— Wallace Chane, CEO

“Last year, I asked Metis Real Estate to handle a complex project: sell my bachelor pad condo and upgrade to a larger condo for my wife and me, both in San Francisco. Annie took the challenge and stepped up to the plate. Right away Annie and her team gave us guidance and were transparent about the process. She was honest and communicative. Unexpectedly, the real estate market had a slight down turn but Annie somehow presented us with an offer at my lofty asking price! Even better, less than two weeks later, our offer for a new condo was less than asking! She juggled both selling and buying simultaneously, while going between the seller, the buyer, our mortgage lender, and us seamlessly. I don't know how she managed to handle everything so smoothly. Throughout the whole process, she was calm, responsive, and had a can-do attitude. How many agents out there say they installed a water pan under a stacked washer/dryer unit on their own? Ultimately, the results speak for themselves: 1.) I sold my condo at my asking price 2.) We purchased our dream home 3.) My wife and I are still married after this journey. When it comes time to look for our next home, Annie and Metis would be my first and only call.” - Andrew & Sylvia (San Francisco)

”Being new to the Bay Area, Annie showed me the ropes around the East Bay when I was looking for rental units. Later when I was looking to buy, she took me around all the different neighborhoods in Oakland. I was a very scatter-brain buyer but she helped me narrow down my focus so that we didn't waste our time chasing after the wrong house. After losing out on one place (which I didn't really love anyway), we had the perfect timing for the second place, and eventually we won the bid with some skillful negotiations on her part. I recommend Annie for her ability to read a buyer's needs, her knowledge of the Bay Area and her negotiation skills.” - Adeline (Oakland)

“In a tough and frustrating market, Adriane made the process of purchasing a home well worth it. We faced being outbid on several offers and Adriane kept us motivated that the right one would come. In the closing process, she was quick and thorough. We ended up closing very quick and seamlessly.

Adriane’s knowledge and experience at the negotiation table put us in a good spot. She knows her areas and what homes are worth going to. In conclusion, we highly recommend Adriane and her great work.” - Tim Twiddy (Livermore)

"I first met Dennis and Wallace of METIS Real Estate at an open house they were hosting. I was immediately impressed at how much thought and preparation they invested in presenting the home; from the welcome tent in the driveway to the full staff inside made up of the METIS real estate team, a loan officer and even a financial advisor. My initial thought was that these guys must charge a premium for the level of service they provide. After speaking with them, turns out that they're quite competitive despite all the attention they give to every listing they represent.

We chose the team at METIS Real Estate to sell our home and buy our new home. What we liked best about METIS was that they approach every listing uniquely in their marketing campaigns leading up to the open house. What works for some homes, may not work for others depending on time of year, neighborhood and home profile in general.

It was a pleasure working with METIS. We have and will continue recommending the team to our friends! Thanks guys!" - Mark & Jina Lee (Campbell)

"It was a pleasure working with Paige Nguyen. A very kind person, spending a lot of time and dedication to get the house that we wanted and right for our family. There was never any pressure for a "quick buy". Once we found it, she took care of every single detail with the seller's realtor to complete all paperwork, inspections and any requests to the sellers. We're enjoying our house and would highly recommend having Paige on your side of the house hunting process!” - Nadia T (San Jose)

"After interviewing many prominent agents in the Saratoga area we ended up selecting Metis. They explained their process and offered everything all the top agents did. Best of all, we didn't even have to negotiate fees with Metis - their pricing was 1.5% less than our next-best option. They quickly delivered what they promised and our home received multiple offers. They made the process really easy. If you're thinking of selling your home, we recommend you reach out to them." - David & Helen Lin (Saratoga)

"A friend needed to sell a house in Palo Alto and asked me to find him an agent that knew what they were doing. After interviewing the top real estate agents in the area including one from Deleon Realty, The Boyenga Team, and a couple agents from Sereno Group, I was referred to METIS through another associate that used them to sell her house.

METIS was different from the start. There was no egos, they had a game plan from the get go, and was transparent in their process. They had a professional team who handled every aspect of the sale from prep, to staging, to staffed open homes, and negotiations. They were able to sell the house in just over a week, and I believe achieved top dollar per square foot in the neighborhood. We were throughly impressed with the ability of the METIS team, and couldn't imagine using anyone else." - Nema Semnani (Washington D.C.)

"Over the years I have asked Wallace for advice on real estate. He has always been up front and honest about his opinions and his advice was always rooted in experience. He's never once given me advice I couldn't count on, and I'm excited that he has finally launched METIS. It's a great alternative to the typical big box brokerages out there, and much better than using an independent real estate agent." - Sunny Wang (San Jose)

"Just bought our first house with Dennis and it couldn't have gone better. I had actually been working with him off an on over almost two years trying to put everything in place and figure out exactly what we were looking for, and he was nothing but patient the whole time. He put me in touch with a couple of different finance guys to structure a complicated purchase but never pushed, and was just totally supportive of waiting until everything was ready.

When the time came to finally look seriously, we looked at a few open houses on our own and had a few arranged by Dennis. When we saw something we liked, he would happily meet us, pull whatever information we wanted, speak to the other broker, etc to ensure we had all the information we needed to make an informed decision. When we actually made an offer, his price guidance was bang-on. He helped us come to terms with a fair offer price and we ultimately offered a number we were very comfortable with. With Dennis' guidance and persistence with the sellers, ended up getting the first house we offered on, which was exactly the one we wanted.

Throughout the closing process, Dennis was attentive and helpful explaining the various conditions and dates. He kept everyone in the loop (including corralling the sellers) and managed to get us closed a few early and on tight timeline.

We couldn't be happier; we have the house of our dreams and at exactly the price we wanted to pay, and Dennis made it happen for us. It was a long process but he was supportive and encouraging throughout. Thanks Dennis!" - Chris B. (San Jose)

"As good as it gets doesn't really cover it, if I could, I'd give Dennis a 6 star review. From the get go Dennis was with us every step of the way. From the first moment we met all the way to closing, Dennis was the picture of what a supportive real estate agent should be.

Despite my indecisiveness, we must have seen at least 30 properties together, Dennis' boundless enthusiasm saw us through. His honest open attitude made the whole experience much more enjoyable than it otherwise would have been. We relied heavily on his deep knowledge base about all things bay area real estate related, and in the end it was a massive benefit when trying to navigate the complicated world of HOAs and recalcitrant real estate agents.

If you're looking for a kind compassionate agent that will get the job done, Dennis is your ace in the hole. I couldn't recommend him more." - Leland O. (San Francisco)

"Just sold a house in SLO with Dennis's help and it was a better result than I had hopeful. Granted there were some interesting developments in between, Dennis kept me updated and negotiated the best possible outcome. I also appreciate the DocuSign process which saved us all time and papers. The best part was that he structured the sale so that I did not have to do expensive and time-consuming repairs (like my previous agent would insist), for that, I was grateful. I am a happy customer. Definitely will call Dennis for my next deal." - Adeline Yu (San Jose)

"I bought a house with Dennis in May 2016, I don't have words to describe him. He is absolutely professional and extremely thorough. He is always ready to help me in even today whenever I have any issue with house. I would extremely recommend him if you are looking for exceptional real estate agent. He is simply too good. He made my home buying dream true with exceptional help, support, knowledge and patience." - Ajay M. (Cupertino)

"I really enjoyed working with Dennis. He is one of the best real estate agents I have ever met. He is passionate about what he is doing, and helping others.

I liked working with him, and the help he was able to give us in finding a home in San Jose. We actually went through 3-4 other agents before finding Dennis, and were very happy with our choice to work with him. The house is great and he was with us all the way." - Lerey B. (Los Angeles)

"Ok, depressingly competitive home buying market in Silicon intimidating task to commit to entering especially with the speed at which the current market moves. My wife and I met many realtors while attending open house events, but had a really good feel that Dennis would take care of us. That's exactly what he did...professional with a nice mix of being casual, Dennis provided tools to help us easily view homes on the market. He constantly kept us in the loop regarding the latest news in our desired areas and he went to bat for us when we were ready to place a bid. He even saw us all the way through by attending our final docs signing. My wife and I were very fortunate to meet Dennis and enjoyed working with him." - Al C. (San Jose)

"I just completed my first home-buying experience and it was a relatively smooth process, in large part thanks to Dennis. He is friendly and easy to talk to. As a first-time home-buyer I had a lot of questions but he was always patient and helpful. He is very accessible and promptly gets back to you by phone, text, or email, adapting to whatever mode of communication you prefer.

I submitted two offers with Dennis and both times we were near but not at the top of the offers the seller received, but both were accepted anyway (the first place fell through due to problems with the HOA). This tells me he has a good sense for what price places will go for. Another noteworthy thing is at one point we had written up an offer and were waiting a few days to submit, as I was going to be out of town. Without any prompting from me, he contacted me and said he got the sense I could get it for less. We reduced the offer and it still got accepted! I was so impressed that he would do this to save me money even if it meant a little less in commission for him. Obviously he was looking out for my best interests.

I highly recommend Dennis. I will definitely be going back to him whenever I look to buy or sell again." - Craig W. (North Branford)

"Just bought our first home with Dennis and we couldn't have asked for a better agent. Home buying in silicon valley can be really intimidating and an exhausting process but Dennis was very patient with us and was always available to answer all our questions and concerns (even on days when he was out of town). When we finally did find our home, the process was seamless thanks to his attention to detail. We have become good friends now and often find ourselves reaching out to him for some advice and he is always very helpful. We would highly recommend Dennis to anyone who is looking to buy or sell in the bay area." - D.T. (Sunnyvale)

"If you want a realtor who actually cares about you and what you are looking for in a house, who is capable of moving extremely quickly, but is not pushy, Dennis is your man.

Dennis was pretty much ridiculously amazing, and took us from our first meeting to an accepted offer within our budget in under 2 weeks. My wife and I found out our landlord was going to raise the rent by more than 20%, so we had 60 days to be out or have to start paying the higher rate, and decided we were ready to buy. I asked my friend who used to be a realtor for a referral who could move fast, and he sent me to Dennis. Boy, do I owe my friend. Dennis made time to meet with us the day after I called him, heard us out, asked some great questions to nail down details, and had listings for us to review that day. He wasn't pushy, but fed us information as fast as we could consume it. That Saturday we checked out nine houses, and by Sunday night had decided on one we wanted to put on offer on. He walked us through the offer process, including negotiations around competing offers, and was able to get some advantages for us that got our offer accepted without going over what the house was worth to us. It's hard to estimate the value of knowing you have an expert in the ring fighting for you, but that's what Dennis provided for us, and even if the offer hadn't worked out I would've been happy knowing we did all we could. As it was, it was accepted, and appraised higher than we paid. I've heard it's traditional for realtors in Silicon Valley to get champagne or something for clients to celebrate getting the keys to the house, but when we met to pick up our keys Dennis had instead gotten us a way more meaningful gift based on a short tangent conversation we'd had when we first started looking. That attention to detail even after the deal was locked in just went further to make us feel like Dennis was on our side, and committed to us having a great experience with our new house. I would recommend him to friends, I would recommend him to my family, and he'd be my first choice if I had to do it all over again." - Andrew V. (San Jose)

"If you're looking for a real estate agent in the San Jose area that will actually listen to what you tell him, and them follow through, Dennis is your man. As an attorney, I'm occasionally asked for a real estate agent referral and I don't hesitate to offer up Dennis' information. I've been burned by agents in the past, but Dennis is reliable, prompt and offers excellent customer service. Make a stressful situation (finding the right home) a little easier and contact Dennis." - Adam E. (Morgan Hill)

"The best realtor experience we've ever had! Dennis helped us buy our forever family home in the extremely competitive San Jose market. We had a lengthy wish list and Dennis was so patient with us. It always felt like the relationship with was more important than the sale. When we finally found a house to put an offer in on Dennis was able to offer insightful pricing advice, a wealth of knowledge when deciphering disclosure documents and negotiated on our behalf in a fair and moral manner. He maintained his professionalism when dealing with a less than professional selling agent and protected us from any incompetence. Dennis is an exceptional real estate agent with a deep knowledge of the San Jose market. We are so glad we chose him as our agent and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anybody else looking to buy in San Jose." - Danielle S. (San Jose)

"Dennis helped me through the process of buying my first home from start to finish, and while I do not intend to move for a number of years, when I do it's nice to know I have an agent who I can trust and will look after my best interests.

Although I had an idea of what I wanted to purchase, Dennis helped me clarify my options and after looking at several listings together, he quickly developed a sense of what I was looking for, what I prioritized most, and was able to refer me to particular listings he thought I'd be interested in. Dennis took the extra step of viewing listings without me and
indicating whether he thought they would be worth my time to look at. This extra effort was much appreciated and really made Dennis stand out.

Dennis took the time to fully address the numerous questions I had about the purchasing process, as well as help prepare me for each step along the way. During the closing process, we encountered a couple of unforeseen and difficult situations which Dennis carefully and professionally navigated. And in the end, with Dennis' help, I was able to close on my first home despite these setbacks.

Dennis' insight, knowledge of the real estate market, and friendly and professional manner made him very approachable and trustworthy as an agent. I highly recommend his services to anyone looking for a dependable agent." - Nicole Clemens (Santa Clara)

"I could not have been more pleased working with Dennis while selling my home. He took care of every detail and made the process so simple. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a trusting agent to work with." - April S. (Santa Teresa)

"We found Dennis upon a recommendation from a friend. We had actually already found a home we were interested in and Dennis was willing, in a highly competitive market, to help us place a contingent offer and subsequently place our existing home on the market. His professional contacts led us to a lending agent that same weekend and because of his quick response time and the seamless relationship between and quick response time of his lending contact, we were able to get an offer on the table within the weekend. He then helped us quickly turn our current home around and get it on the market within a week's time. I would like to say the rest of the process was a dream but we seemed to have one strange development after another pop up throughout these transactions. However, Dennis never missed a beat, weathering each and every hiccup with professionalism and sound advice. In the end, his hard work, calm demeanor and expertise led to us selling our home for more than asking, negotiating a free rent back and purchasing our new home with ease. I wouldn't hesitate recommending him to anyone looking to buy or sell in the Bay Area housing market. We were thankful to have him on our side." - Sara O. (San Jose)

"Dennis was my 3rd realtor and thank God I found him. (Through a referral too) Met him in January, offer accepted in February and I moved in March! Yes, it can happen for you too. Dennis is personable, professional, knowledgable, positive, thorough, responsive via all forms of communication (phone, text, email). Never judged me and took all my questions and concerns seriously. Went out of his way to meet my availability and even went out of the way to scope out homes for me by himself. He's on top of my A-list and I would refer him to anyone who's out shopping for an agent. Slam dunk." - Theresa P. (Saratoga)

"Dennis is very honest, direct, responsive, professional and gets great results. We decided to list one of our properties with Dennis and we gave him the significant challenge of selling the property at a price we had in mind (at a minimum) within a week with only 1 Open House....not only did he get it sold in a week, but it sold $50K+ over list price and closed within a week after offer acceptance. He has also been very proactive in helping us search for our next deal and we plan to do a significant amount of additional business with him moving forward.

Whether you are an investor looking for a proactive agent or a seller looking to get top dollar for your property, keep this in mind....DENNIS DELIVERS." - John P. (Gilroy)

"Dennis helped us with our recent purchase of property in San Jose. He really *heard* what we were looking for and did a great job of finding the right property for us. He understands the market well and gave us good advice on the offer, and how to beat the competition. We will definitely be calling Dennis, if/when we need a real estate agent again." - John M. (Mountain View)

"As a first time home buyer, I was guided through the process with the help of Dennis. What could have been a nightmare, or so I've heard from others looking for homes, turned out to be painless because of him. He never pressured, and was very responsive to all my questions, responding and working at all hours of the day. Even before asking he would explain next steps and submit everything in a timely manner. Dennis is also very experienced, knowing all the tricks to get my offer accepted In April, after having looked for a home since only March, February at the earliest. He made a 21-day escrow possible! Even after the offer was accepted, he was (and still is) a big help. He assisted me with termite quotes and finding contractors to spruce up the home to my particular taste. Dennis is patient, reasonable, and honest. I would not hesitate to use him again!" - Mabel L. (San Jose)

"I don't tend to write many yelp reviews but I was compelled to do so after dealing with Dennis. From the start Dennis approaches the transaction as a complete professional and makes you feel like you have his unbridled attention and focus. Being a first time buyer the thought of jumping into the market and making offers was TERRIFYING to me and my wife but Dennis took us step by step and eliminated all of my anxiety. The part that made me feel horrible is that we ended up purchasing a property directly from an individual which cut Dennis out of the deal, but to my surprise he guided me through the sale even though he didn't get a dime for it. The short story, WORK WITH DENNIS, he is honest to a fault!" - Ken Sunzeri (Campbell)